Fertilizing DMF 5500

DMF 5500

Motor Distributor of Solid Fertilizer. It has verygood range (5,500 liters) with ro 12.4x36 allowing you to work between rows. In the above coverage is added work for 30 to 36 meters (depending on the fertilizer used.) It has dosage conveyor belt, allowing you work withdifferent types of fertilizers and fertilization can do by computer controlledvariable


  • Chassis constructed of sheet 3 / 16 \"folded double\" C \"
  • Coverage: Up to 36 mts. (Depending on the used fetilizante)
  • Eaton synchronized gearbox, 5 speeds forward and 1 reverse
  • 162 Eaton differential high and low
  • Disc brakes on rear wheels with dual caliper hand brake and auxiliary
  • Wheels 12.4 x 36
  • Power steering
  • Front suspension type Single Twin & Beam
  • Conventional rear suspension with double spiral
  • Computer Agrotax AG 9500 (regulates Kg / ha and suitable for variable fertilization)
  • Cab with roll cage, built in fiberglass, panoramic view, pressurized hermetica.
  • Air conditioning with activated carbon filter included as basic equipment
  • Hydraulic Solenoid Command
  • Conjunto Transmision: Pallieres flotantes con cadenas a rodillos 1 1/2\" en baño de aceite
  • Hopper capacity 5500 lts Potable water tank 120 liters 240 liter fuel tank
  • Conveyor batcher and regulation of the rear blade
  • Distribution dual clutch plates and adjustable stainless steel blades Hydraulic drive with gear box oil bath, treated gears reinforced
  • Transmission assembly: Pallières floating roller chain 1 1 / 2 \"oil bath
  • Design of last generation, adjustable seat with seat belt, storage refrigerator and passenger seat