It comes into existence in Las Rosas -Santa Fe- October, 1989 being aimed at manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in all their varieties and types and turning then into the leading supplier of the most important agribusiness factories of agricultural machinery. The building , located in the central area of the city, housed the first formal society Hidráulica Tedeschi S.R.L. which members were Norberto Agustín Tedeschi, Hugo Mario Tedeschi and Oscar Guillermo Ponzio.

As part f its expansion policy, the plant –with its 5 workers- is moved towards the 178 route, where is now located. Together with the agricultural machinery development, Tedeschi -with its 20 workers- reaches a production rate of 4000 cylinders a month in 1995; a clear example of the sector boom. A short time later, the variety of products is increased: dump, fodder and mixer trailers and roll conveyors and bagging machines are incorporated in the production.

In 1997, the first coarse grain planter No Till Farming and fertilizartion is produced. During the course of this year, 50 units are produced. A year after that, 80 equipments are launched (into the market).

In 1999, the John Deere Company decides –among numberless suppliers- to incorporate as its own the EF51 model developed by the Hidráulica Tedeschi Company. The partners acquire an annex land and give rise to a new society called Tedeschi S.R.L. This new firm is the responsible of launching into the market the Self-propelled Sprayer. 

In 2001, the first fine grain planter plows through the fields.
Next year, machinery production is reproved because of the terrible economic crisis the country undergoes.
In this way, around 200 planters a year are produced during 2003 and 2005. Fodder and sprayer equipments are also developed in such a way; sprayers’ booms are modified as they turn from front to rear position.

In the last 10 years of life, the company was achieving greater knowledge and prestige in the national and international market, incorporating the technologies that the producer needs to make his business profitable.

In 2012, the DMF 5500 Solid Fertilizer Distributor entered the product portfolio, thus achieving even more coverage for the needs of its customers.

We spent 25 years looking for solutions for each of our customers, providing a team for every need.

All the strength of a family business, with culture of work and union put at the service of the needs of the man of the field.

Tedeschi means The Power of a leader.